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Package 2 Zero Entry Cost (ZEC)
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Application for AIA refinancing loan approval is 100% mortgage loan based entirely on one Fixed Rate.

Unlike others whereby the refinancing loan approval is a combination of mortgage loan based on variable rate (BLR-Spread) with loan tenure over 10/20/30/40 years but the cash-out portion is bundled as term loan rate payable within 10 years in compliance with BNM household debt control.





When everything is skyrocketing, AIA FIXED RATE HOME LOAN stays firmly at 4.99%. The AIA Fixed Rate Home Loan is uniquely designed to help you keep a stable lifestyle at all times even in the most financially challenging situations. It is a comprehensive solution that covers you, your family and your home from life’s most intrusive adversities.

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Our offer consists of two packages, the Non Zero Entry Cost and Zero Entry Cost. You may opt for any of the home loan package that suits your needs most. Enjoy fixed mortgage payments up to 40 years with up to 90% financing. Peace of Mind – No Penalty – Daily Rest Interest – Pay any time.

Learn how you can benefit from the low fixed interest rates, margin of financing, who can apply, amount of financing, loan tenure, type of properties financed, prepayment.

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Types of Housing Loan

  • Housing  Loan for Projects Under Construction.
  • Home Loan Refinancing
  • Sub-Sale Home Loan

AIA  Fixed Rate Home Loan offers you peace of mind in a rising interest rate environment. Enjoy the comfort and security of a fixed monthly repayment for up to 40 years.AIA Fixed Rate Home Loan, your guaranteed Safe Home Loan

Best and Lowest Rate Offer
**Step up campaign Fixed Rate at 4.99% (ZEC) for loan above >500K. Limited time only.
Call to enquire! **Terms and Conditions Apply.

AIA Shop Loan Packages
**Offer Rate 5.55% (NZEC) and 5.79% (ZEC)
Call to enquire! **Selected locations only.

** ZEC is Zero Entry Cost
** NZEC is Non Zero Entry Cost


AIA HOME LOAN PRODUCT BRIEF – click below to see
AIA Loan product brief 2014

AIA Home Loan Fixed Rates 2016

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AIA Home Loan Product Brief
Why AIA Home Loan

Now, get lower rates for the initial years of the loan plus the added peace of mind that only fixed rates can provided for the entire loan duration.

By taking an AIA Fixed Rate Home Loan, you will enjoy:

- Astute financial planning by hedging against the risk of fluctuating BLR and interest margin

- No penalty for early settlement via savings or sale of property

- Flexibility to pay more with no notice required

- Financing up to 90%, Tenure up to 35 years*