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AIA Loan product brief 2014


Payment to income (PTI) – should not exceed 50%

PTI = Total monthly loan instalments (Eg Car, housing loan, personal loans, credit card instalments etc)

Total monthly income (Employees-Monthly Salary // Self Employed-Total 2 yrs declared income over 24 months)


AIA Mortgage Advisors Numbers


Website :

Mr.Victor Wong – +6012 3180153

Miss Tan – +6012 3723386

Miss Vijaya – +6012 2319518

Note: Interest rate offered will depend on the current packages offered and will vary from time to time. AIA may from time to time impose additional terms or vary the terms at its discretion. March 2012


AIA Home Loan Fixed Rates 2016

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(1) Mr Victor Wong - 018 393 5833
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(3) Mr HH Wong - 012 318 0153

AIA Home Loan Product Brief
Why AIA Home Loan

Now, get lower rates for the initial years of the loan plus the added peace of mind that only fixed rates can provided for the entire loan duration.

By taking an AIA Fixed Rate Home Loan, you will enjoy:

- Astute financial planning by hedging against the risk of fluctuating BLR and interest margin

- No penalty for early settlement via savings or sale of property

- Flexibility to pay more with no notice required

- Financing up to 90%, Tenure up to 35 years*