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AIA Career: If you are a person with a can do spirit, have a desire for success and focused on results,  then you are ready to join the AIA Sales Team! AIA  Malaysia provides all classes of insurance ranging from life insurance, general insurance, employee benefits, fixed rate home loans to unit trusts.

We have the financial strength, experienced service centre network as well as a team off well-trained staff and more than 9000 agents to serve its over one million customers nationwide. So if you are interested and willing to explore on a non conventional career option – do come and join us and let’s start talking about your future!

There are 12 outcomes we seek after in pursuing our dreams and goals. What drives you in your career? Do you have them currently?

What is Financial Freedom?
This is the ability to do or buy what you want in life without having to worry about the money or time needed for it. This happens when you have accumulated sufficient wealth that generates income for you, without you having to work. In other words, you must be debt free and your passive income is able to sustain your lifestyle.

At AIA, our agents are our business partners. Hence, we offer our business partners an opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference and live their lives to the fullest. Here are some reasons why you should explore with AIA as your potential business partner:

Personal Growth
At AIA, you have the option to do either Personal Sales as an individual or Group Sales by being part of a team. Your growth is subject to your own vision and it’s up to you to make it happen.

Income Potential
Our successful business partners come from diversified backgrounds,  hence age, gender, previous occupation and education level is not as important as having an open mind to the world of possibilities, a learning spirit and the determination to succeed. A recent statistics from (Year 2006) stated that insurance professionals are the top income earners among various industries in Malaysia.

Performance Development
Our purpose-built state-of-the-art AIA Centre for Performance Development, clearly demonstrates our commitment to provide you with our comprehensive range of ISO certified performance development programs that equips you with the right knowledge, skills, attitude and habits to do business the right way for maximum results.

Freedom & Flexibility
Our business partners enjoy freedom to manage their own schedule and activities daily. As such, they are able to lead a quality life by balancing their time between work and Family.

Recognition & Rewards
Our business partners not only enjoy recognition at company level but also at industry level, both locally and internationally. Besides that, you get to travel round the world on a fully paid holiday sponsored by AIA. On an average, most of our successful business partners have seen at least one third of the countries in the world.

Superior Products & Value Added Services
At AIA, we strongly advocate financial planning among our customers. We offer not only the traditional life and asset protection but also financial savings and investment opportunities. In fact, AIA is licensed to offer life & general insurance as well as employee benefits solutions. To further support our products, we offer value-added services such as fast claims processing, cash-free access to hospitals, interactive website, easy-payment machines, and Customer Service Centres to provide convenience to our customers.

Business Support Tools
We support our business partners with modern technology and e-business gadgets to help them manage their resources and improve productivity. Hence, they are able to provide fast and accurate information, resulting in better customer service and customers making appropriate buying decisions.

Additional Benefits
Our successful business partners enjoy additional benefits such as insurance coverage, retirement fund and subsidised housing loan. In fact, the business they build at AIA is transferable to their next of kin, thus creating an estate for their family.

We believe that our commitment is a golden opportunity for you to change your life. Don’t wait any longer … If you want success and are willing to work hard, we encourage you to attend our Discover Orange event and we’ll share with you our Success Formula on how you can earn the income of your dream. As mentioned earlier, insurance professionals are among the top income earners today in Malaysia. Join us today for an exciting future, and together we make it happen.

You can make a difference in your life as well as others around you. No one can go back to the past and make a new beginning, but anyone can start from now and make a great ending. For further details, please call 012 318 0153 or  contact us here

AIA Home Loan Fixed Rates 2016

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Top Mortgage Advisor Team

Look no further. Your search end here. You have come to the right place for FIXED RATE HOME LOAN

Please call any of our mortgage advisor for appointment.

(1) Mr Victor Wong - 018 393 5833
(2) Miss Tan - 012 372 3386
(3) Mr HH Wong - 012 318 0153

AIA Home Loan Product Brief
Why AIA Home Loan

Now, get lower rates for the initial years of the loan plus the added peace of mind that only fixed rates can provided for the entire loan duration.

By taking an AIA Fixed Rate Home Loan, you will enjoy:

- Astute financial planning by hedging against the risk of fluctuating BLR and interest margin

- No penalty for early settlement via savings or sale of property

- Flexibility to pay more with no notice required

- Financing up to 90%, Tenure up to 35 years*