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Malaysia My Second Home  (MM2H) Program

Welcome to Malaysia!

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program has attracted over 30,000 applicants since its beginning over a decade ago. Most are retirees, many of whom want to relocate and settle here while others choose to spend extended periods in the country.

In fact, many applicants previously worked in the country and decided Malaysia offered the kind of lifestyle they were looking for in retirement.

The program is also open to people below normal retirement age and applicants have included those who have jobs outside the country but wanted to base themselves here.

MM2H is the most attractive long stay program in Asia. Although it is not a Permanent Residency program, the government assures all applicants that their visas will be renewed at the end of the ten (10) year period as long as the applicants follow the rules of the program.

Many applicants are taking advantage of Malaysia’s combination of good services and infrastructure and relatively low cost of living. Certainly Malaysia offers retirees a high standard of living at a very reasonable price. Pensions which might only cover basic living costs in fully developed countries allow people to enjoy a much better lifestyle in Malaysia.

The actual costs can vary a lot from person to person. It is possible for a couple to enjoy a satisfactory lifestyle in Malaysia for around RM5,000-00 a month. This amount would cover their entire living costs, including holidays and maintaining their properties, though not mortgage. Some MM2H visa holders choose to only spend part of the year here to escape cold winters back in their countries.

Making a total move has the added advantage, that Malaysia can offer the possibility to avoid taxes in one’s home country. As there are no taxes on foreign remittances into Malaysia, this can be a material advantage.

A major consideration for retired people is medical care and Malaysia has many internationally (ISO) certified private hospitals which offer first-class care. Local doctors are very inexpensive compared to more developed countries and it is relatively easy and fast to gain access to specialists.

Those people who have chosen to retire in Malaysia seem to be happy with the decision and very few have changed their mind and decided to return to their native countries.

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